A Perfect Place

A Perfect Place

We never knew where we came from and where we will be going. We are always in search of the ways to make our life better and easy. But at the end of the day of the search, we all need a place rest, and that is the same routine over and over again.

We have been living our own life for others, eating what others eat, doing what others do, like what others like, dislike what other dislikes, speaking what others want to hear, being what others want us to and trying to blend in the world around us.

But when we get tired of all we've been through, the lies, the expectations, the regrets, the heart break, we need a place to relax, be our own self, no false faces, no fake smiles, hiding no more tears, to laugh out loud, to cry out loud, to dance and groove. Coz, at the end, its just you.

A place where we are at peace, and no one from our family, friends, colleagues, bosses, neighbours, the whole world will be around. A place to be alone and get that some special moment for ourselves, thinking about loving, caring and repairing ourselves from the damage done by the people around us.

These moments can be stolen by sitting at a sea shore, waking early morning, walking in the rain, listening to your favourite songs while laying on the couch, giving ourselves a treat and much more. Doing things for self that we will do for the one we love. We deserve this love, and that too more than others.

Taking a time away from peoples around us, removing negative people, including positive thoughts, eating, speaking, liking and disliking by our own. Being a 100% original, where we can be whatever we want too and live however we love to.

Only then look inside our heart and we will find that Perfect Place...

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