College VS Work

College VS Work

There were times where in college we thought of a job life as an interesting and a life to live. Thinking as job life is much better than college life. Mostly in terms of financial situations. But, we always dreamed of a stable job life.
After getting a job we realize the opposite of what we thought of. Now we want our college life back instead of the financially stable job life.

There is a great difference between both College and Office life such as age, interest, responsibility, environment and much more to look for.

The first difference is the "Age Group" as in college everyone was nearly at the same age group, with the difference of a year or two. But, in office we have to deal with our colleagues with double our age and in experience.
Also, at the times of our college we have our "Own rules to follow", we don't care of what others think or do. The one thing that matters to us is we ourselves. Where as in offices we need to oblige with the rules and regulations they imply prior to the joining.

In college we can Bunk, have lots of Free Time, can take as many Breaks as we want and for how long we want, we can take Holidays whenever we like to, without any thoughts or consents. But, in office we have much Responsibility we can't run from, take holidays or long breaks as this is a great loss for the company. We wear what we like and any Casual is ok for any day of college but, not in office where Dress Code is more important.

In college we have lots of Friends, Sharing, Caring, Loving, and Making Time, Having each other Backed Up, Reliable and some More than Friends. This type of relationship is very rare in the office environment as there is a race to become the best, earn more than others, mostly alone, where as in college we learn to come up as a team to grow where there is no financial but knowledge and relation growth.

"In my life I have seen most of the good relations made at the time of college (mostly in 2-3 years), and not in offices unless we spent 5 or more years. May be because we trust less in this office like formal environment."

When we join college we have a fire to follow our dreams and most of us follow them until we find a career, where we have limited time to work for our dreams, instead we work for someone other's dream. When we work for our own dreams we work with a dedication and energy, which gets lost at the times we work for others.
Also, when at college we don't have to take any family responsibility as we ourselves rely on them financially and for every other thing, but when we start earning we share our responsibilities with our parents and family for a better future.

A saying about college and office life is "In college I had time but no money, and at Office I have money but no time.", which describes the situation very well. When we start earning we learn to create and follow some money budget plans, which we had never done in our college life. We start managing most of the financial responsibilities of our family.

In the end, life is not perfect for anyone, and we have the tendency to think of other's life as better, but, we fail to realize that everything have its time. So, enjoy when we have time, coz it won't be coming back. Enjoy college life and office life as it is, and don't think the other as better, all have their own goods and bad.

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