In our whole life we spend nearly a third of the time sleeping. And in our sleep we dreams. Dream of what we want, what we desire.

"A Dream is where Everything Starts"

But the dream I am talking about is the one which won't let U sleep. The dream of what we want to achieve in life. It doesn't mean where have U came from, but about where you want to go. Always follow your dreams, they know the way.

When we dream, we see everything as possible and they are, but it requires hard work, dedication, consistency. There will be a lot of obstacles to cross, mistakes to be done, people who will treat you negatively, situations telling you to quit. But a dreamer will always find a way to turn these dreams to reality. Never tell your dreams to someone, just show them.

Failure is temporary, but doubt killed more dreams than failure. Don't doubt on your dreams if you believe in them.

Dreams don't turn into reality in a single night nor there is a magic wand to do so, it needs time, patience and a lot of hard work. There are no shortcuts. It's never late for your dreams, unless you have that beating heart. Dreams never have an expiry date.

ALWAYS "Dream Big. If It Offend Someone, Then Dream Bigger". If you have a dream to fulfil, do whatever it takes.


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