Love Yourself First

Love Yourself First

There is a saying 'Love Yourself First'.

We nowadays are so much into pleasing others, we forget there's someone else who need you more and that's you yourself.

The problem is... To please others you ignore yourself, and give yourself the lesser love you deserve in the hope of that love from others. The main reason you don't love yourself, because other don't, and also resent them from being better than you. Also, you are so much busy in finding flaws in other you don't have the time to love yourselves or others as well who need it.

We love someone, but when they don't love you back, you hate them but, you start hating yourself more for not being what the other person want you to be. So you get hurt and start hating yourself more and more.

Most people judge you by how you look, eat, sleep, do things and you start drawing a negative image of yourself, as an imperfect one. These thoughts decrease your morale and confidence. In the end you feel being left out, broken, alone. People hate you because, you have, what they don't, so instead of admiring your strength they look back at your shortcomings.

But, the truth is... What is a Human without any flaw or weakness? A perfect Human is not human, he's GOD, and you don't need to be. We are far much better as Humans.

So, accept your shortcomings, strengthen them or accept as they are. There is nothing wrong with accepting yourself as you are.

First, the hardest part is 'Accept you the way you are' not what others told you, about you. Go out, find peoples with same shortcomings as you, but, instead of crying over it and creating dissatisfaction over self, try to understand that you are not the only one and start loving yourself, and overcome them. Coz, when you start whining about it you are stuck in a loop which pull back you into hating yourself more and more. This does nothing but occupies your time, energy and your emotional balance is shaken badly.

Get away from people who always remind you about your shortcomings and find peoples who admire and appreciate what you have. This will build confidence and you will start loving yourself more and more.

Eat well, Sleep well, Help others, Care for them, Meet new peoples, Share your experience, Learn from theirs.


"You are skinny, everything looks good on you."
"You are fat, because a tiny body couldn't store all this personality."
"You are short, your height is Cute."
"You are tall, God like you so much, he decided to supersize you."

There is no love for others left in you until you "Love Yourself First"."

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