The Limit

The Limit

I, as a kid was always fascinated by the fantasy and science fiction movies whether animated or not. It always had an impression on me as can we have these strength and superpowers, are such things possible?? I always believed it was. As growing up I realize the limit of these thoughts, as they are only fictional, and the one thing I always hear was "That's not Possible". As we advance we learn the limits of our abilities.

But, I gave it a thought or you can say research of what's possible and what not. The only conclusion I got is, the only limit we have is the one we set for ourselves. We can do much more of what we do, but we restrain ourselves, with the fear of breaking. We as human being have a great potential, to extend or even break or own limit.

This can be the limit of our physical strength, spiritual energy, knowledge, sacrifice, courage, control, belief, love and what not. When we grew up we are taught that we can't do the thing shown in the movies, but I always ask them "Why not???".

I have seen people flying without planes, going head to head with monstrous beings, running as their feet's are on fire, lifting weight more than 5-7 times their own, punching at a force as you have been hit by a 500 kg tennis ball, remembering over 1 million gigabytes of information, diving over 200 meter deep, living a life span of over 120 yrs. These are some of the facts of human limit, which are extending everyday. We evolve every day, every hour, every second. We are extending our evolution, so why not or limit.

Don't take this much seriously, as we don't train like these peoples. But, they are just the examples of what breaking the limit looks and feels like. Limiting ourselves will never let us break the shell we are in. Which is as much necessary as we breathe. We have one life so do what you want to, how you want to, and surpass your limit everyday one step at a time.

All great achievers in the history of mankind are the one who never set any limit to what they can do or what they can achieve. So, instead looking at the sun to show you the finite path, light a candle to show you the way, and the more steps you take the further you see.

"Don't limit your challenges, challenge your limits. The second you limit yourself is the second you fail".

There is no limit to anything if you don't want any. The universe is without any limit so why should we have one???

One of my favorite line - "Don't tell me the sky is the limit, when there's foot print on the moon."

Break Your Shell, Break Your Limit.

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